Podcast review: Mojo Radio Show

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Podcast review: Mojo Radio Show

In social media business groups there are frequently call-outs for podcast recommendations. I always suggest the Mojo Radio Show, because no matter what type of business or enterprise you have, or what industry you’re in, the show will have relevance. I also love that it’s Australian, and I value supporting local businesses and home-grown talent.

Overview of the show

So what is the Mojo Radio Show? In a nutshell it’s an entertaining, informative, thought-provoking podcast for business people and entrepreneurs. The show aims to help get your ‘mojo’ working in your life and career. Mojo being the personal confidence and charisma that attracts people to you and makes you successful and energised.

Each weekly episode focuses on an interview with a ‘leading light’ from an area such as wellness, health, fitness, strategy, creativity, branding, performance, leadership and management. There are also features, reviews, tips and tools. Each show ends with a related rock song to get you pumped and ensure your mojo is working.

Hosts Gaz and Robbo

The stars of the show are host Gaz (Gary Bertwhistle) and producer Robbo (Darren Robertson). You probably get the gist from their monikers the guys don’t take themselves too seriously. They are relatable, accessible and fun – there’s always lots of banter – as well as intelligent.

Gary is a great interviewer. He is curious and always well-prepared. He asks intelligent questions and doesn’t talk too much – I find in so many podcasts interviewers repeatedly cut in too soon, or talk a lot about themselves. Interviewing is a skill and an art in which Gary is proficient. He thinks on his feet and has the ability to connect the dots between different ideas, as well as how to apply the uncovered insights to everyday life.

From the production desk, Robbo is entertaining, throwing in questions and comments, and being the fall guy for jibes on eating Tim Tams. As you’d imagine, having a sound engineer means the podcast has fantastic production, including complex sound bites and promos. There have only been a couple of times I’ve noticed sound quality is impeded, when interviews have been done away from the studio or on a bad line.

Gold insights

The Mojo Radio Show is varied, inspiring and always interesting. Through the interviews they find insightful nuggets, or as the guys label it, ‘gold’, to apply to our lives and careers. I also think part of the show’s appeal is because you feel like you’re part of the conversation. And refreshingly for such a quality show, they don’t have any annoying advertising or sponsorship to stem the flow of the show.

A listener review of the podcast sums up the essence of why the show works: ‘They balance the heavier aspects of the interview with a healthy amount of fun and the music tops it off really well’.

Eclectic interviewees

The list of interviewees is eclectic. I’d recommend dipping into their back catalogue to see what sparks your interest, remembering there is always gold to take away from each show. A smattering of examples of guests and topics include:

  • FBI Agent Joe Navarro – observation, curiosity and reading people
  • Steuart Snooks – how the most productive people beat the overwhelm of email
  • rock icon Suzi Quatro – don’t let go of yourself for anyone
  • Allen Gannet – overturning the myths of creative genius for better business success
  • Stan Peake – profound strategies for selling without compromising our integrity
  • Bronnie Ware – the choice is a life of joy or a life of regret
  • James Clear – ‘atomic habits’ and proven frameworks for improving ourselves every day
  • convicted bank robber Noel ‘Razor’ Smith – detachment, survival and focus
  • Ryan Hawk – the commonalities of sustaining excellence in every situation
  • US Navy Seal Jason Redman – facing failure and learning to start over
  • Professor Nick Enfield – a discussion on ‘discussion’ and choosing words wisely
  • Dr Gabrielle Lyon – how to gain clarity and a deep understanding of your body and mind

At the end of episode 202, Gary says ‘we don’t set out to do the perfect show … we’re more Nirvana than we are Kylie Minogue’. And it’s that grunge factor that appeals to me and many others.

Gary and Robbo certainly have their mojo working. They’ve been attracting people and delivering a successful show for five years and 225 episodes. I think the Mojo Radio Show works like a charm.

Find the Mojo Radio Show on your podcast app, or online at themojoradioshow.com.