The big question – wine or coffee?

Wine glasses for Beyond Business Groups article

The big question – wine or coffee?

When starting your Beyond Business Group a key question is coffee or wine?

If your meeting revolves around coffee, or as is my preference, tea, the obvious benefit is cake. Or slice (caramel please). On the other hand you could have cheeses, dips and olives if your meeting involves wine. Or beer. Or cocktails. And then there’s always the option of lunch or dinner.

Another benefit of the coffee catch up is the caffeine that will keep your mind sharp and focused (and don’t forget that sidekick of sugar!). On the other hand, wine may make it a more relaxed affair, or be a catalyst for laughter, creative ideas and banter.

Of course, I’m being flippant. But the coffee versus wine debate is part of determining the style of your Beyond Business Group. Your group can be as unique as your members. Whether you meet at each other’s homes, at the library, a cafe or bar. Whether your meetings are managed more formally or informally. Your group can be what you want it to be.

As long as you’re learning, connecting, sharing, supporting and ultimately improving your business, you’re on track with the ethos of Beyond Business Groups.

So be as quirky, or not, as you want. Your group is for your members to shape. Make choices that suit your people. Where you meet. When you meet. What you eat and drink. Or if you eat and drink. We would recommend at least having water. Even then a question remains – sparkling or still?

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