Time management tips infographic

Time management tips infographic

Being skilled in time management is so important when running a small business, as it’s a busy job with many roles to juggle. And that’s just the work side of life.

You cannot create time, but you can manage time. It starts with getting rid of the things you don’t need in your life, and then scheduling the things you need and want in your life. How you spend your time is a decision you make.

Time management infographic

Our infographic below offers ideas to help you get organised and manage your time more effectively. It provides tips for the office, home, meetings, planning, and for your mind and body. As well as tools to help you be more productive. Have a look at and see what you can adopt from it. Perhaps scheduling weekly admin, creating a menu plan, and organising your desk daily? Try three new routines and make them stick. You can download the A4-sized infographic or print it directly from the screen below. Stick it up in your office as a reminder to keep improving how you manage your time.

Introducing new habits

It’s important to introduce any new habits and processes slowly to ensure you can sustain the changes. So don’t try and make all the changes at once. As changes become habitual, try adding in others. To learn some simple strategies to change your habits we suggest the fantastic book Atomic Habits by James Clear. Vickie wrote a review of this book, you can link to it here.

Working ‘on’ your business

Beyond Business Groups is about setting the time outside of working ‘in’ your business to work ‘on’ your business. With the added benefits of learning, socialising and having like-minded peers to discuss your ideas with, and share challenges and problems. It’s a valuable use of your time each month to keep your business focused and strong.