Top 5 tips for business creativity in lockdown

business creativity in lockdown

Top 5 tips for business creativity in lockdown

Lockdowns are difficult, as is maintaining business creativity in lockdown. Living in Melbourne, and experiencing more than 200 days of lockdown I understand the struggle! Juggling working from home with three kids doing remote learning, as well as the monotony and sameness. But it is pursuing creativity that has kept me sane.

When I say ‘creativity’ I don’t mean artistry, but being imaginative, inventive and generating ideas. Creativity is not only good for our mental health, it assists in our personal growth and is essential to get our small businesses through this changeable and uncertain time.

So, with at least another couple of months of lockdown in New South Wales and Victoria, and a new normal for our country that isn’t quite tangible yet, I thought I’d share my top 5 tips for business creativity in lockdown. 

1. Get outside and be active

Exercise is one of the reasons you can leave your home, so make the most of it. Not only does exercise help brain function, it increases our ability to think. Get out for a walk, run or ride. I’ve set myself a goal of 10,000 steps on weekdays and 20,000 steps on weekends. I know in lockdown the fresh air and change of scenery is a must. If you want to be curious and inspired, try to vary your route and discover new places. Or if you want your mind to wander, stick to your well-trodden path. Alternatively, to listen to a podcast or audio book for inspiration.

2. Practice mediation and mindfulness

As well as being active, making time for unwinding and relaxation assists creativity. Meditation, mindfulness, yoga or breathing exercises are a great way to calm your mind and be in the present. These activities can enhance our capacity for ‘convergent thinking’, or being able to focus deeply on an idea or problem.

3. Let your mind wander

Another contradiction, but we also need to embrace idle time to encourage business creativity in lockdown. Take time to think and daydream. Spend time away from your computer and devices. Sit, lay, walk or take a bath and let your mind wander. This idleness allows ideas to incubate and our brains to process and organise our thoughts.

4. Expose yourself to creativity

Exploring art, books, music, paintings, performances and more can unlock our creativity. Use some of the enforced time in lockdown to read, research, watch and listen. There are many online exhibitions and virtual events with writers, musicians and artists. As well as myriad podcast and book recommendations across all genres. (Suggestion: explore the guide to virtual galleries from the Art Almanac.)

5. Get started

While thinking time is necessary, procrastination is the enemy. So it’s important to just get started on your creative process and trust you will find your groove. Make notes, write a journal, brainstorm, consider issues and opportunities from different viewpoints. Allocate regular time to incubate, explore and test your ideas.

While lockdown is incredibly difficult, it is possible to turn the adversity to your advantage. Experiences of loss, change and struggle can be catalysts for personal and business growth, creativity and transformation. Though lockdown can feel stifling, it still provides an opportunity for business creativity. One step, meditation, daydream, podcast and journal entry at a time.

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