Why Beyond Business Groups during COVID-19?

Beyond Business Groups during COVID

Why Beyond Business Groups during COVID-19?

We have been thinking a lot about how to approach Beyond Business Groups during COVID-19. How do we approach marketing the program in such a difficult time? How do we pivot an idea based on the benefits of face-to-face learning?

Nichole and I set up Beyond Business Groups because we appreciated the value of getting together and thrashing out challenges faced by each of our individual businesses (and those of our partners). Sometimes it was over tea, more often than not after hours and over bubbly!

We loved the idea so much we wanted to create the concept for others. We wanted networking with purpose, we wanted accountability with purpose. Together we created Beyond Business Groups to harness the power of collective thought to ‘working on’ your business.

The value of groups

We value face-to-face – or as I love to paraphrase my previous employer Anita Roddick – belly-to-belly communication.

From an individual standpoint, having mental and emotional support is necessary for getting out of a funk. It helps maintain momentum, energy and vitality in helping you drive your business forward. From a professional perspective we gain insights, a greater depth of understanding, and a new perspective when connecting with a varied community of business owners.

‘What we gain from learning together can be indispensable in life and business.’

By having a brains trust, by developing a trusting relationship with people who ‘get’ us, we are more able to be our authentic selves. By being able to be authentic and honest we gain more from any group.

Being authentic engenders trust

Trust is being able to be vulnerable within a social interaction.

Beyond Business Groups helps individuals build trust within a group by encouraging individual exercises that are then shared with others. We take the awkwardness out of interactions by curating everything. From your homework to the way meetings are run, to the questions you ask of yourself and each other. We also make sure, through checklists, that operationally your meetings run smoothly.

Just like a book club but for business

Beyond Business Groups is like a book club, and reading is essential for leadership and business development. Being given the task not only to read, but to comprehend what you are reading will challenge your thinking and ensure you are absorbing the information.

We do the hard work for you – curating content and finding the most relevant and contemporary information. We ensure, when we can, that the reading is broad and deep. Developing healthy reading habits can sharpen intelligence, make you a better communicator, and improve emotional intelligence.

Being part of a group makes it easier to develop good habits. The habit of reading, working on your business, communicating in a way that others understand you, brainstorming, giving and receiving feedback – all part of the Beyond Business Groups package.

Group dynamics help us create good habits

In a world in which only 8% of people achieve their New Year’s resolutions, groups can help reinforce commitment.

Studies repeatedly affirm how groups are one of the best ways to form positive habits. We all know the advantages of taking time to work on your business, so developing habits and having a public commitment to a group might be just the accountability you need.

Obligation breeds habits too! By being part of a Beyond Business Group you are obliged to engage on specific topics, and share your thoughts with people who may think differently than you. And because you know you’ll have to discuss your business with your peers, you’re likely to consider a topic more deeply than you might if left on your own. Having to justify a decision to a third party and answer questions will help you either further your resolve with a decision or give you reason to reconsider.

Become a better conversationalist

Also the practice of drilling down into topics and discussing them can make you more comfortable and confident in other business meetings, negotiations and discussions. Putting yourself out of your comfort zone and engaging with others can also help you become a better conversationalist!

Beyond Business Groups offers you a safe space outside your personal or work environment to be heard, challenged and supported all at once.

Being a part of Beyond Business Groups can help you:

  • create a better business
  • commit to working on your business
  • grow relationships
  • learn from diverse perspectives
  • become a better conversationalist.

Beyond Business Groups is good for your mind, good for your soul and good for your business!

For more information about starting a Beyond Business Group, please get in touch.

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