Why you should enter Business Awards

Why you should enter Business Awards

Why you should enter Business Awards

Wondering why you should enter business awards as a small business owner? This blog will help you understand the benefits of entering, being a finalist or winning an award and offer some tips and tricks to help you create a good submission.

The value of entering business awards, winning or even becoming a finalist from a business perspective is a debatable topic. To work out if the effort is worth it we have put together a list of potential benefits and some tips on how to make your business award application stand-out from the crowd.

Whatever industry you’re in, and whatever level or stage you’re at, there’s always the opportunity to enter small business awards and reap the rewards. 

Top reasons why you should enter Business Awards

Some of the reasons why you should enter Business Awards as a small business owner are:

  • improve the visibility of your brand and contribute to your reputation
  • receive feedback on your business
  • opportunity to analyse your business
  • improve networks
  • reward customers
  • boost staff engagement, retention and talent.

Improve the visibility of your brand and contribute to your reputation

Awards are designed to shine a spotlight on your work and your business. On the night you will be a focal point in a room full of industry professionals. In the days following you may make local or national media. And in the months and years following, you can showcase these independent seals of approval on your website, social media and marketing materials. Business awards can be a cost-effective means to promote your organisation through marketing and public relations initiatives of the Awards themselves. You can also promote being a finalist and a winner if you are successful.

Receive feedback on your business

Assumably a panel of experts will assess your application and provide you with feedback. As well as providing clues to what your business might do better to be competitive. This can help for a future awards application and may provide some strategic input to improve your business.

Opportunity to analyse your business

By going through the Awards process and having to answer questions about your business you are in a position to critically analyse all areas of your business.

Improve networks

Award nights are a great opportunity to network and meet people you respect within your industry. Building your entrepreneurial ecosystem can open new doors, and support you as a welcoming community to partake in. And where better to start this than with award-winners and industry leaders?

Reward customers

You can also use award nights as an opportunity to strengthen your client relationships by inviting contacts to attend with you. It’s also an opportunity to have the quality of your work recognised in front of your customers, and put yourself front-of-mind for new projects or work coming up.

Boost staff engagement, retention and talent

By involving staff in the application process and the awards ceremony, they have the opportunity to let you know what they think and feel about the business. If you are successful as a finalist they can be proud of working for such a business.

The benefits of preparing a Business Awards submission

As well as the rewards that may come with winning or becoming a finalist there is value in preparing the submission including:

  • an opportunity to evaluate your business against industry benchmarks
  • a chance to review your business purpose, vision, mission, values
  • helping you to focus on your business strategy
  • identifying business strengths and weaknesses
  • being a good team building exercise.

Whatever the outcome of the awards you enter, the time taken to reflect on your business journey can highlight achievements. Entering awards also gives you an opportunity to compare your current situation against previously set goals. You can consider how far you’ve come, as well as next steps to become a successful – and potentially award-winning – business.

How to write a submission

Awards can provide a brilliant opportunity to reflect on your achievements, build your reputation and get recognised for your hard work. But you have to write a good submission for it to be looked at!

Top tips for writing a submission:

  1. Begin months in advance.
  2. Submit on time.
  3. Follow the entry criteria.
  4. Answer all the questions.
  5. Add supporting material and visuals wherever requested.
  6. Use statistics to highlight main points.
  7. Eliminate industry jargon.
  8. Don’t ignore the word count.
  9. Check your spelling and grammar.
  10. Ensure you can back up all of your claims.

Business Awards for small business

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