Worksheet: Helping your small business adapt through COVID

Helping your small business adapt through COVID

Worksheet: Helping your small business adapt through COVID

Most of the time, change sneaks up on us. It happens over time and sometimes without us being aware of it. Like the seasons. Sometimes we wrestle with change or ignore it, put it off until another day. And then one day we pop our head up and suddenly everything is different.

We are in exceptional times, everything we thought we knew is different. Suddenly and without too much warning we have been forced to adapt. Change has been fast-tracked and we have had no choice but to react.

Australian enterprises, entrepreneurs, business owners and workers have all been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The impact has been immediate, but the longevity is unknown. For the foreseeable future it will continue to have an impact on us all. At the start of the pandemic, many business owners were paralysed. Paralysed by fear and the thought of the unknown. Others expected it would all just go away sooner rather than later and we could all get back to ‘normal’. Now we know there is no end point and there is no such thing as ‘normal’. Business, socialising, schooling, nothing will ever be the same again.

Worksheet to review your business

We have developed the worksheet below to help your business adapt through COVID. It will guide you through reviewing your business, using a few of the tools we use in Beyond Business Groups. Download it or print it out.

It includes:

  • a SWOT analysis to help you evaluate your personal strengths and weaknesses and look at the new opportunities and threats for your business
  • our CLAW model tool to help you evaluate your changed business approach and how it may be integrated into your business ongoing
  • a checklist with the areas you might need to consider as we adapt through the pandemic.

Making changes to your business

Even if you made the conscious decision to hibernate your business, it’s likely you have, or will, move to a ‘new normal’ way of working to meet health regulations and ensure the safety of customers. If your business has been impacted and you haven’t already made significant changes to your business model, it is not too late. You have the benefit of looking at other businesses and seeing what they have done. What has worked and what has not!

You can tap into all of the support – financial and otherwise – being offered to you by local councils, chambers of commerce, business enterprise centres, state and federal governments, and us.

Beyond Business Groups has a mission to help small business operators explore all aspects of their enterprise to seek continual improvement. By working on your business and with the input from business peers we have seen our members pivot and innovate. As much as we love catching up over tea or bubbles our model has had to be changeable too. Nothing wrong with sharing a virtual scone with jam over Zoom!

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