Our story

Beyond Business Groups was developed by Vickie Burkinshaw and Nichole Maybury.

We are both solo business owners passionate about learning.

And we understand the loneliness associated with small business, missing the colleagues and camaraderie from our earlier careers!

Being a solo business owner is hard work, and it can be lonely. So as our businesses (and families) grew we would regularly meet to drink tea or bubbly and discuss business opportunities and challenges. There were shared articles, books and ideas. And we set goals and actions to strengthen our businesses. Then we’d meet again, talk and share some more, and update each other on our progress. (And visit an op shop or two!)

We realised there must be other like-minded business owners who wanted to do the same. But we couldn’t find a business group that worked the way we wanted to. So we created our own.

With the book group concept in mind, we wanted our groups to be intimate and social, with a focus on learning and action. And that’s how Beyond Business Groups was born.

We are so excited to get you connecting and learning locally, and developing stronger, more successful businesses.

– Nichole and Vickie

Co-founders of Beyond Business Groups, Nichole Maybury and Vickie Burkinshaw
Co-founder of Beyond Business Groups, Vickie Burkinshaw

Vickie Burkinshaw

I am passionate about helping people and organisations build sustainable enterprises. As a professional facilitator, trainer, coach, writer and mentor I aim to provide inspiration and support to a range of businesses and social enterprises across Australia.

Purple Pyjamas started when I realised we live in a world of constant change and people and organisations need a way of navigating change in a place that’s safe – like a comfy pair of PJ’s. Business to me is successful when the owners can earn money without having to be there. Like earning money while you are tucked up in your pyjamas.

The best way to be successful in life, in business, in an organisation is to accept change and be prepared to constantly learn. I love deep-diving into new topics, exploring opportunities and setting myself up for challenges.

Having travelled the world, explored most of Australia and lived in various cities I am now grounded on a property near The Rock, country NSW. Inbetween meetings I check on the animals, tend to my bees, water the garden and enjoy the mesmerising view. What I have learned about country living is that it’s a bit like business – no day or season is ever the same.

Co-founder of Beyond Business Groups, Nichole Maybury

Nichole Maybury

Designing strong, beautiful business brands and increasing the professionalism of business marketing and communication is my passion.

Though country born and bred, I’m a contented city dweller who has lived in Melbourne for over 20 years. My whole career has revolved around graphic design, marketing, communication, photography and project management. As my family grew, I started my own consultancy, Maybury Ink.

‘Ink’ in the name relates to how ink completely transformed the way we communicate. That’s what I aim to help businesses do – transform their communication, both visually and in words. In today’s cluttered marketplace the quality and consistency of visual and written communication are more important than ever.

Getting to know and understand my clients and adding real, ongoing value to their businesses is what I enjoy most about my work.

Beyond my business I enjoy making pots of tea, rummaging through op shops and slinging on my camera and taking to the streets. My pet hates are mediocre design, poor grammar and typos, which is why I love my work.

If you want to join us on the Beyond Business Groups journey, create a group and become part of our community.