Like a book group, but with monthly topics so you can learn, reflect and take action to improve all areas of your small business.

Are you a solo business owner wanting to improve your business?

Are you suffering from information overload?

Would you like a social outlet where you can talk business, drink coffee (or wine!) and learn from, and with, like-minded people?

Then Beyond Business Groups is for you!

A new type of business group

Beyond Business Groups provides guided learning for small groups, where you meet face-to-face each month to have fun, share, learn and take action on your business. They run like a book group. But instead of monthly books, you receive monthly modules with information and tools designed to help you work on each aspect of your business over the course of a year.

And the best part? Just like a book group, you choose your members!

Find out all the details

Beyond Business Groups is:

  • about social connection
  • focused on learning and taking action
  • about sharing your experience and expertise
  • supportive – you help each other

Beyond Business Groups complements the networking and referral groups you may attend – and you just might find others to join your group there.

Through Beyond Business Groups you will regularly give your business the attention it needs to keep it focused, strong and importantly, making money!

Beyond Business Groups will take you through each aspect of your business across the year (including the areas you tend to avoid or ignore). You’ll receive concise and curated information to save you time and effort. You’ll learn in a supportive and social environment, sharing ideas and expertise. And you’ll have ongoing peer accountability to keep you on track.

Group learning and accountability are so beneficial in taking your business beyond.

How it all began

Beyond Business Groups was developed by Vickie Burkinshaw and Nichole Maybury. Like you, we’re small business owners with a passion for learning. And we miss the workplaces and colleagues from our earlier careers.

As our businesses (and families) grew we’d regularly meet to drink tea or bubbly and discuss business opportunities and challenges; share articles, books and ideas; and write goals and actions to strengthen our businesses. Then we’d meet again, talk and share some more, and update each other on our progress.

We couldn’t find a business group that worked the way we wanted to. So we created our own.

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1. I’m ready to take my business beyond.


2. I’ve organised some amazing business owners who want to do the same (and I have their email addresses).


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  • When starting your Beyond Business Group a key question is coffee or wine? If your meeting revolves around coffee, or as is my preference, tea, the obvious benefit is cake. Or slice (caramel please). On the other hand you could have cheeses, dips and olives if your meeting involves wine. Or beer. Or cocktails. And then there’s always the option...

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