Choose a business focus word for 2021

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Choose a business focus word for 2021

Have you chosen a business focus word for 2021? Whether you are ready and rearing for the year ahead, or still reeling from 2020, a focus word can guide you in your business. It can also provide direction for your personal goals. A focus word can provide you with an anchor for all of your goals and can work both consciously and subconsciously when making business decisions.

Contemplate the course you want to take, and what is most important for your business and your professional development in the coming year.

Types of focus words

There are different types of focus words depending on what your needs and desires are for 2021.

The word may be inspirational. You may want to ‘explore’, ‘flourish’ or ‘delight’. An inspirational word can keep you motivated and energised.

It could be a word to guide your actions. You may be focused on being ‘dynamic’ or ‘profitable’, or ensuring you ‘observe’ more. These are great pragmatic cues.

The word may also be an intention about the way you want to approach your work. You may want to be ‘brazen’ or ‘serene’, or more tuned in to your ‘intuition’.

Think outside the box. You don’t have to have an obvious word. You might go for something more symbolic or obscure. One year I chose the word ‘tea’. Not just because I love to drink tea, but because I knew I needed to get out more and network and connect with people. And this is usually over a cup of tea (or coffee!).

If you are looking to evaluate those around you and re-establish boundaries you might choose the word ‘scorpion’. Scorpions are symbolic for cutting things out of your life that are no longer serving you. Or your focus word may not be a word at all. An example is, ‘?’, to symbolise curiosity and questioning.

Steps to choose a business focus word for 2021

Step 1: Contemplate the priority goals of your business, the direction you are heading in, and improvements you want to make in 2021. Jot down some key points.

Step 2: Brainstorm words that appeal to you and align with your thinking in step 1. You can use our list below for inspiration and to find some words that resonate. Or use the thesaurus to expand your options. You might like to think about more symbolic words that encapsulate the traits or actions you want to focus on.

Step 3: Pare back your list to two or three words. Try them out for a couple of days and see which one really fits.

Step 4: Print out the word (or a picture or icon if it’s a visual word) and stick it up in your office or on your fridge, make it your phone or computer background, or put it wherever else you will see it to keep it top of mind throughout the year.

Our suggestion – ‘beyond’

Naturally a favourite focus word of ours is ‘beyond’. Beyond your comfort zone. And self-limits. Beyond what you can achieve on your own. If you want to take your business beyond in 2021, why not join us? Our next program starts in February. Find out more info on our details page.

100 words to get you started

Here are some word ideas to get you started. Best wishes for selecting your business focus word for 2021. And for a successful year ahead in your business! We would love to hear what your focus word for 2021 is – share it with us on our socials.

Business focus word for 2021

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