Customer experience case study: Birdsnest

Customer experience: Birdsnest

Customer experience case study: Birdsnest

Online Australian fashion store, Birdsnest, is a thriving business with a strong reputation and loyal customer base. Primarily because they put customers first and manage a positive customer experience.

Customer experience (CX) is about the journey you take your customers on. From the moment they hear about your business and brand, to the follow-up they receive after using your products or services. When you effectively manage customer experience you are better able to deliver on your brand promise.

About Birdsnest

Based in the country town of Cooma in the Snowy Mountains of NSW, Birdsnest began after city-based founder Jane Cay, fell in love with a farmer and they married. She combined her business and IT skills with her love for fashion, and Birdsnest was born in 2006.

Birdnest’s mission is ‘to help women to find the perfect outfit that makes them feel amazing – inside and out’. They claim to be their customers ‘Wardrobe Wingbirds’. They do this by continually look for ways to create a unique shopping experience built around helping customers find their own style.

Value of customers

Birdsnest want to brighten the day of their customers and put smiles on their faces. They understand the value of each customer, and that their positive experience is the best marketing tool. Customers are brand ambassadors. Word of mouth is crucial in driving traffic to their website and positive reviews are great for building trust and credibility (see below for examples!).

Understanding what is important to their customers and making their shopping experience enjoyable is at the forefront of what Birdsnest do. This extends from the structure of the website, to the fulfillment process. They know that providing excellent service and customer experience means sales will follow. Birdsnest have very loyal customers, with over 70% of sales from returning customers.

Shopping experience

The Birdsnest website is bright, friendly and easy to navigate with a vast range of brands, styles and sizes. There is extensive product information and advice on the type of body shapes the clothing item will suit. Also, there are photos of models of different sizes and ages wearing the clothes. Customers can shop by preferred style, body type or occasion. They can also customise their preferences and set up a style profile to make shopping quicker and easier for future visits.

The ordering process is easy and order fulfilment is prompt, with two-day shipping. Every order received before 1pm goes out that day. Always. Birdsnest have a reputation for reliability, as well as for personal touches. Orders are lovingly wrapped, each containing a handwritten note.

Communication and rewards

Birdsnest produce a stylish, printed seasonal look book/catalogue the mail out. They also email a regular customer newsletter sharing styling ideas, trends, new or favourite products and special deals. Regular shoppers can enjoy their customer loyalty program with exclusive custom-made gifts.

Customer service

Birdsnest have a 365 day ‘no hassle’ returns policy. They don’t want an item in a customer’s wardrobe tinged with regret and not being worn. They only want positive associations with their brand.

Generosity is a key focus at Birdsnest. They have a policy: ‘If in doubt, be generous.’ In addition a key value guiding the customer service team is ‘surprise her’.

This is illustrated in a personal experience I had with them a couple of years ago. They had to pull a product line because of quality issues, and were unable to fulfil my order. They emailed me to let me know, refunded my money, and sent a note of apology with a gift voucher. Above and beyond. Surprise and generosity.


On the Birdsnest website you can personalise your style preferences and receive personalised styling advice. They are also integrating user-generated content into their website, and tailoring content based on previous purchase behaviour.

Proving they are a trusted brand, over 85,000 women have told Birdnest about their body shape, favourite colours, their lifestyle and other elements that are important to them in creating the perfect wardrobe. This data has enabled them to create their own ‘bird brands’ and further enhance the customer experience.


Birdsnest has many positive reviews, all with similar themes and sentiments about amazing customer buying experiences. Here are some recent reviews.

Just wanted to say thanks for your amazing customer service, very accessible website, quick delivery and no nonsense returns policy. Ordering clothes online can be difficult, and you make it easy. And … the handwritten notes in each package are a lovely touch.’
Giselle, VIC
5 September 2019

Today my first purchase arrived and I am thrilled. The entire process from ordering to delivery was simple. The parcel arrived beautifully wrapped and included a hand written message welcoming me to Birdsnest. Wow – how special and I will definitely keep purchasing with you.’
Elizabeth, QLD
22 August 2019

It was perfect! I’m impressed with your website, easy to navigate, love the outfits page, the will this suit me page. Thank you for using models of different sizes, ages and hair colour (grey is okay). The ordering, paying and shipment was a smooth process, the status update emails helpful, and delivery very quick. Love the way you pack, it looks beautiful, the hand written card is thoughtful and the little present a nice surprise. The whole experience was perfect.’
Nataschja, ACT
16 August 2019


Customer experience and success

By ensuring the interaction you have with customers across all touchpoints is a positive experience you have the opportunity to show how you understand your target market and their needs. You manage their expectations. You remain consistent to your brand and unique selling proposition. And you can surprise and delight.

Birdsnest’s whole customer experience journey shows a deep understanding of customer needs. They are thoughtful and provide a well-managed brand experience. This focus on CX has made Birdsnest a fly-away success.

Customer experience is a topic we cover in detail for our Beyond Business Groups members in the Customer Service and Sales module.