Quick and easy Christmas promo planner 2020

Quick and easy Christmas planner 2020

Quick and easy Christmas promo planner 2020

Check out our quick and easy Christmas promo planner for 2020. Christmas has snuck up on many of us with the distraction of COVID – especially for those of us in Melbourne who are just out of lockdown. If you haven’t had a chance to get your Christmas promotion organised, don’t panic that there are only 6 weeks to go (well maybe panic just a little!). You can follow our quick and easy 6 step plan to get ready. And use our top 12 Christmas promotion ideas for inspiration.

Don’t worry if your budget is tight. You don’t need a lot of money to spread some Christmas cheer, build brand loyalty and lure some extra customer spend your way.
When devising your plan, remember to be conscious of the social shifts the pandemic has shaped. As they will influence your promotions. Things such as:

  • elevated kindness and generosity
  • the desire to spend locally and support small businesses
  • heightened awareness of alignment of personal values with the values of a business before spending with them
  • increased desire for personalisation and a quality customer experience
  • focus on self-care and mental wellbeing.

6 step Christmas promo plan

  1. Download our one-page Christmas planner (see below).
  2. Determine your goals. Are you focused primarily on increasing sales, or is it more about spreading Christmas cheer and prompting customers to remember you?
  3. Work out what your customers want. This has been a year like no other, and it will be a Christmas like no other. Find out how your customers are feeling and what they need and want. This is critical to determining your promotional activities and messaging.
  4. Understand your business’s position. What are you able to deliver? Are there any supply issues, or COVID restrictions that impact providing your products or services? What are your budgetary constraints? Do you have staffing capacity?
  5. Decide what promotional tactics to use and determine your key messages. Check out some of our promotional tactics ideas below. Hone your messages based on what you know about what your customers want. Determine your motifs and themes. Consider potential partners.
  6. Plot your tasks and timing on the planner to make it happen. And then get started!

12 Christmas promotion ideas

Check out our top 12 low and no-cost Christmas promotion ideas for 2020.

  1. Add Xmas flair to your marketing collateral – your website/online store, Facebook banner, email signature, newsletter or shopfront.
  2. Design and send handwritten Christmas cards or personalised emails to clients/customers.
  3. Create a Christmas video message and pin it to the top of your Facebook page (and put a few bucks behind it so your customers will see it!), add it to your IGTV or YouTube channel.
  4. Give customers a freebie with purchase – a sample product, intro session, discount, or even a Christmas face mask!
  5. Offer an exclusive Christmas discount to your loyal customers.
  6. Run a 12/24 days of Christmas campaign – don’t forget to promote on Facebook and Insta stories. This could be a series of offers or reminders.
  7. Bundle products for hampers or create a special service offering vouchers as employee gifts, targeting employers who aren’t able to host a staff Christmas function. Think about Kris Kringle price points.
  8. Introduce a New Year offer to be paid for in December; or offer discounts for customers who book January services.
  9. Offer free shipping in your online store.
  10. Create a shopping event (or multiple events!) at your shop or office. Use local musicians, have COVID-safe snacks and wine or face painting to make it an enjoyable and memorable experience. Have a raffle or giveaways to reward attendees.
  11. Host or participate in a fundraising event – giving to others will make you feel good and is good PR.
  12. Join up with suitable local businesses to promote each other’s sales and services. Perhaps you can share coupons or sales info in the customer’s shopping bag, or in your email marketing? Look out for what your local council or business chamber may be doing for Christmas and piggy back onto their campaigns.

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